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Mocap AO`s

male mocap ao 01male mocap ao 01
view AO1 @ YouTube / view AO2 @ YouTube                                                                                                                                                                      AO @ SL MArketplace

zip mall & dealers lounge

The ZIP & ZIP Mall

thraki simwide


new skin @ FOS

Erica fairmale mocap ao 01
Erica fairmale mocap ao 01
Erica fairmale mocap ao 01
Erica fairmale mocap ao 01

new skin coming soon

100000+ visits :)


The ZIP                                                                                                                              thraki


Thraki – home of The ZIP

















bodywarmer & jeans

designer jeans

sweater and jeans


NEW tees & tanks

dbo female tee 4 dbo female tee 8 dbo female tee 6







fly through 3


ZIP MALL now has 17 shops … plus ZIP main store

update: i deleted most of the shops in the mall. there was to much lag coming from the many affiliate vendors. So the mall is now 4 affiliate shops plus Tango, the Benz and some stuff of my own. seems to lag less now.

50k visits

The ZIP now has 50k on its visitor counter

What is Second Life?

-> It’s like the internet before it was socially acceptable.
-> It’s like a cheap shopping mall.
-> It’s like voluntary Matrix with dumber AI.
-> It’s like a playground full of building blocks.
-> It’s like a non-stop costume party.
-> It’s like a masterpiece being painted by multiple artists.
-> It’s like a 3D chat room with live music.
-> It’s like the nerdy kid in high school.
-> It’s like making money in a country with poor exchange rates.
also see sldiscoveries
Jon Stewart on SL
sorta sl in older days

Thraki 14-02-09

Thraki is now owned by ZIP

13 months after buying a first 4000sqM on Thraki, most of the other land owners are gone.
The time has come to buy the sim.
YaY! ^^ HOOOOoooooo!!!!!!

ATMs @ ZIP Mall

fly through 2

prepping 4 a campaign












2days store pics


20k visits

since april 2008 ZIP has had 20000 visits :)HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooo!!!!!!!!!
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Bringing back the games

08-23-08 Bummer Update 🙁

Strike a pose

At long last … i started animating again and will fill up the animation shop in the next couple months i think.

a quick recap of creating sneakers No9

becouse i was having problems with the script, i had to do a rebuild of sneaks No9. a tool does the heavy work this time while i sit back and take a vidcap of it .. nice B)

New Logo

The extension of The ZIP @ ZIP MALL

The Mall is right outside ZIP`s main store. 5 shops have allready landed there and more are to come.

The Face of Skin – complete body shop







Mercedes Benz C-Class – The finest script car in sl







ZIP Prefabs – Comercial buildings – shops and malls

ZIP OFFRADAR – Roleplay , Steampunk & fun stuff

sneaks no9 has arived :)

NEW customizing script

dbo sneaks 5 special

fly through

.. and some older stuff ..


The ZIP , an awesome Second Life style shop.

On ZIP`s devellopment this past year.
I rezzed my main av “denjobi odell” the first time on Januari 16th of 2007, about 1 month later i uploaded The ZIP`s first store logo.
Rented a shop at LakeVille Mall where i put up my noob-creator t-shirts and tattoo`s for sale. I think i never sold any. I was hangin out a lot with some fellow noobs at some noob hangouts where we dreamt about a brighter future. I started visiting Theta Sandbox where i build a braclet, put some bling script in it and then made another. They are simple yet clean designs and the only two items from that period that are still in the current collection. Selling the items (and only those two items) was nice and i started building more. Becouse i did a shape for a chick av i needed shoes, so i build “Female Sneakers 1”, they didnt have colorscript in m and i hadn`t established the DBO brand yet also. I put them up in the shop and they sold (those were the days ..). After a while i build Male Sneakers 2. I was searching for the brandname and came up with NWO, which i later changed to DBO

They sold for 100 and 200L$ a pair so i made rent for my first shop pretty easy and i took the sneaks, the t-s and some belts i made by then to shop nr2. Some noob mallowner with a noob mall complete with camping pads and lots of garbage that was being sold there .. i fitted right in.

Still verry minimum use of textures. I also wanted to give people a way to customize some of the details on the sneaks.









So i went after a color script to upgrade the shoes .. also applied new textures to them while i was at it. I also build “Sneakers 3”

First i made them available in black leather and suede (tan) and later in 4 more colors. Finaly the product was finished and i had a more clear idea now of what dbo was gonna be like.


I started renting more shops and also did some new t-s .. the old ones i had thrown out by now.

This time i had put more effort in the ads and slowly there was getting some style in the presentation of the shop. Few days after putting up the shirts i redid the presentation of the sneaker collection. The style of ZIP itself was now finaly getting somewhere.

After a while i started building more sneaker models and since then i`ve build boots for both male and female, did more clothes, a jewellery collection, prefabs and animations. I bought some land on Thraki and build a main-store there. All with ZIP style now.



Now the search for style is rewarded .. residents have come up to me about setting up a franchise construction  🙂 ZIP now has affiliates with their own franchises.

It took me several months to find its style and ZIP was not allways looking as promesing as it does today.
But here it is .. Revamped , Restyled and .. Revisited 🙂 lots of times a day now by quite a few people.
The ZIP is doing verrry nice ^_^